Purpose of Teaching Aid Evansville Bend Power Squadron

This Teaching Aid is to be used in the USPS Public Safe Boating Course and the Seamanship Course.

The purpose of this aid is for the Instructor to demonstrate proper docking techniques and use of spring lines for mooring. The advantage of using spring lines to control a vessel, in a moving current situation, as many inland boaters are subjected to every time they use North America’s rivers and waterways.

Material List for the Teaching Aid

½ inch plywood

1--- 14’’X 18’’

1--- 1 ½’’X 15 ½’’

1--- 1 ½’’X 18’’

1--- 1 ½’’X 14’’

1--- 1 ½’’X 11’’

12--- 1 ½’’ X Ύ’’ Cut, or file into shape of cleats.

7 pieces of ½’’ dowel rod 3 ½’’ long

37 pieces of 1/8’’X 5/8’’ X 3’’ wood for top planks of dock

74 Brad nails, or glue so planks can be attached to dock

2 pieces of wood 1 ½’’ X 1 ½’’ X 10’’ notched for standing teaching aid upright.

1Block of wood 3’’ X 2 ½’’ X 8’’ Cut into shape of boat.

5 lengths of cotton twine used for dock lines.

1 tube craft glue

4 contrasting colors of paint to color dock, boat, water, and cleats.

Estimated cost of materials $10.00

Assembly time was reported as taking about six hours by an avid woodworker that is EB’s teaching aid chairman. Most of the materials were on hand and reported as scrap in Elvin Reeds’ wood shop.